Ghassoul properties: can It be attributed to the ghassoul as soapy? The literature cites soapy and foaming properties to the ghassoul.
Soapy The term means "containing soaps. The ghassoul mixed with water is a kind of clay that presents degreasing properties. The ghassoul acts solely by absorption; it shows no effect on aggression for hair, skin or mucous membranes.
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Ghassoul Ghassoul powder White plastic jar 200 gr
Le ghassoul is used in its natural form to care capillaries. Thanks to its foaming properties, as it does not so harmful. This acts as a natural shampoo cleans and degreases the hair and scalp without damaging the keratin fiber.

Ghassoul mix with warm water to obtain a soft mass (bar-shaped), applying this mud on the wet hair from root to tip, massaging for several minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The ghassoul leaves hair shiny and docile. For body care uses the ghassoul mixed with warm water then forms a kind of clay and finally apply to the whole body, allow to dry for several minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. Ghassoul removes impurities and dead cells, thereby generating a mild skin and satin. Also the ghassoul is used for face masks. Ghassoul mixed with warm water to obtain smooth dough (ghassoul mud). Apply this mass on the face, let dry 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. The ghassoul used this way absorbs the excess fat in the skin, removes impurities in particular the shins.
The ghassoul and sensitive skin: The ghassoul is recommended for sensitive skin as it provides a very gentle wash without Surfactants, 100% natural. Cosmetic products based on active chemicals and can cause irritation on sensitive skin. The use of ghassoul protects the natural protective film of skin sebaceous glands also. The ghassoul is hypoalérgico, suitable for any skin type.

ghassoul in 50 ml of powder, add 1 egg yolk just, a few drops of warm water to Ghasssoul mixing until a soft dough, add egg yolk. Apply this preparation to your hair starting at the scalp and then extending to the tips, let dry for about 15 minutes and rinse. You will obtain a docile and shiny hair