FLORAL WATER (hydrato)

BIO hydrato ROSE (Rosa damascena Mill.) Virtues and regeneration to soothe the queen of flowers.
THE PROPERTIES . The hydrato rose is considered the best hydrato and is very fragrant. It is a truth that has the same principles as the smelling essence of the rose and spread the same feeling of mental harmony. Hydrate roses is recommended for skincare, particularly suitable for the care of dry skin, normal or sensitive. Invigorates the skin and also is regenerating. It can be sprayed in the face to give the effect of a micro attenuates scars and deflated eyes (keeping eyes closed). The hydrato acts as an anti-aging skin. Has a positive effect which is based on stopping the aging process which allows preventing the appearance of wrinkles and erasing signs of fatigue. Its astringent property also brings a new radiance to the skin fat. Finally, we can use the hydrato especially after removing make-up to purify the skin and combat redness and softens the skin. Also used as a perfume after bathing recommended in children.
- In lotion, is valued for its tonic and regenerative properties of the skin and worn devitalized.
It is applied in conjunction with a cream or a mask of beauty; its various applications are preferred in the world of cosmetology