The Kohl
Kohl is primarily known as a cosmetic, which was used for its medicinal properties. The Egyptians used it as eye drops to prevent and relieve eye infections, but also to protect the eyes of high refraction of light that is emitted by desert sand .The Pharaoh and his people were conquered by the depth and mystery that gave Kohl in their eyes, it became tat women and men began to use black powder for make up. And over centuries, Kohl continued to be used by the Arabs and even the Prophet Muhammad - even today, some men - especially the pilgrims - still applied in the eyes Kohl.
The use and composition of Kohl consists of a mineral powder composed mainly of antimony sulphide. Kohl may be the black or the Kohl gris. Aforetime was applied with a wood called mirwed Barilla. After applying the powder Kohl, which slipped between the eyelids sticking on with each other movements from side to side, draws the line with Kohl in his eyes and eyelids as a pencil.
Makes yourself a depth and a mysterious light. The application is more intense than a conventional pen.
Besides being a cosmetic product, it has other virtues for eye care in Kohl.Por example if you have pain in the eyes due to wind or sun without sunglasses, you should apply for Kohl avoid irritation.